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It’s a wrap for #MESC2023

Chris Mapleson

Chris Mapleson

Manager Strategic Growth

G’day, Chris Mapleson, Manager Strategic Growth (again).

It’s been a great three days of networking with clients, delegates and industry at MESC 2023, chatting all things mining. With the event all wrapped up we’re thinking it ended too quickly—isn’t this always the thought? 


At Waterline, we focus on the big picture. This means helping our clients to not only sustain, but grow and secure their future through people and assets. For multi-discipline capital projects, Waterline is the only integrated service and the engineering partner of choice in the resource industry. Our extensive experience allows us to achieve exceptional results for our clients through this collaborative approach.

Our team believes in combining our diverse capabilities to produce the best possible output, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client. This is the Waterline ethos, and it is how we continue to deliver outstanding results for our clients and the resources industry.


We are delighted to have provided you with t-shirts, and eco bags, among other giveaways this year. And congratulations to our 3D-printed Roof Support winners: Peter Bayliss from Anglo American, Rick Mead from Core Contracting, Shaun Isaacs from Carborough Downs, Jake Gerrard from Ironbark Mine Fitzroy Mining Operations and Troy Paradies from Ensham Resources.

Our consultation was aimed at delivering value to you, and we hope you found it helpful. We strive to partner with you to provide project support that either improves your fixed assets or keeps your operation running safely and efficiently 24/7. So I hope our conversation continues as we work closely together to achieve compliance and safety on site.

Through our comprehensive site experience, we have developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by site personnel. We recognise the multiple responsibilities that need to be managed and the importance of maintaining compliance. That is why we go the extra mile for our clients and prioritise their needs above all else. At Waterline, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and support to our clients, leveraging our expertise to help them achieve their goals.


It’s been great connecting with all our engineering community at MESC this year. We shared and gathered some interesting insights around capital projects, site safety, compliance, I.S. Audits and much more. Waterline’s site experienced engineers understand the importance of correctly selecting equipment and supporting clients with the delivery of I.S. Audits across a range of equipment. That’s why clients turn to Waterline as the compliance partner of choice.

If you wanted to know more, we love a good chat. Set up a meeting at our Waterline Brisbane office by clicking here [add link to let’s chat].


We had a great time catching up with you at MESC, and we don’t want to lose touch with those we missed at the event. At Waterline, we are committed to keeping the cogs turning for your site and ensuring that your compliance and safety needs are met. Let’s continue our conversation and discuss your future projects in more detail. Need help with a feasibility study, capital projects, new equipment or expanding production capacity? Then reach out to me. You’ll see how we’ll provide you with the peace of mind you need to focus on your core business while your projects run smoothly.

Our goal is to ensure that your site is compliant, your maximising production capacity and your personnel are supported and safe at all times. As a trusted engineering partner of choice for the resources industry, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and support, leveraging our expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. So, let’s stay connected and work together to drive success for your site.

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Chris Mapleson
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