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Mechanical Engineering Services

Providing you with the peace of mind you need by ensuring the safety and integrity of existing equipment, Waterline’s Mechanical Engineering team will support you with all aspects of commissioning of a new plant, design, modelling and installation.

Our Mechanical Engineering team ensures your site remains operational by producing industrial equipment designs, finite element modelling, fitness for service assessments, fluid modelling and computational fluid dynamics modelling.

As operational engineers, we know what it takes to enhance your operation across its lifecycle.

Mechanical Engineering services:

Our multi-discipline team provides peace of mind when it comes to your equipment’s design life, integrity and safety. Waterline’s operational engineers provide mechanical engineering design for any processing plant comprising of oil and gas:

  • sugar refining
  • petrochemical refining
  • mineral processing
  • underground or open-cut mining operation
  • ports
  • hazardous facilities

To help you make informed decisions, this service includes in-depth FEA studies that show stress, strain, heat transfer, natural frequencies and harmonics, displacement and deflection in mechanical and associated structural equipment. Giving you a greater understanding of the load cycles causing stress to your equipment including heat sources, kinetic loads, wind, pressure, seismic, self-weight, fluid head and vibrations. Our team will recommend solutions that reduce the detrimental effects of the equipment’s load to minimise financial impacts including rerate, repair, and alteration plans.

Our team takes the stress results from finite modelling to predict the service life of damaged equipment, calculate critical defect flaw sizes such as maximum allowable crack size, creep damage limits, brittle fracture risk, allowable pitting and general corrosion limit, and dent and gouge assessments. We also calculate the rate of degradation to estimate remnant life.

Using specialist software, our team ensures:

  • your sites have reliable water, compressed air supply and pressure
  • you avoid pipe breakage, poor pump performance and production delays

Our team also performs life of mine studies, keeping your sites performing at their best, now and into the future.

Our operational engineers analyse numerical data and data structures to:

  • ensure optimal performance of your operations
  • identify and solve problems involving fluid flows and heat transfer,
  • provide fluid loads for FEA modelling, such as pressure, temperature and fluid head.

Make your life easier! Waterline’s clients turn to our Mechanical Engineering team because of the flexibility we provide, whether it is a turnkey solution or expert involvement in specific project areas.

Our team can support you with delivering your projects from concept through to:

  • detailed design
  • justification and application for expenditure (CAPEX)
  • procurement
  • management of fabrication and installation contractors
  • commissioning
  • capital spares management
  • handover to operations
Waterline Engineering Mechanical Icon


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Waterline provides full remote support to MNM with a 24-hour turnaround drafting package, ensuring compliance with Queensland’s mining regulations and providing confidence that accurate drawings are available to their team in real-time, whether onsite or remote.



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