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Control Systems Engineering

Waterline’s Control Systems Engineering team provides you with the support you need 24/7, to keep your operation compliant, running safely, efficiently and effectively

We help clients define, design, implement and commission control systems and operational software solutions to support your operation, while helping you navigate through the new world of IT / Operational Technology integration.  

As operational engineers, we know what it takes to enhance your operation across its lifecycle.

Waterline's Control Systems services:

Your operation’s performance will be running at its best with our multi-discipline team combined with site experienced PCS engineers.

We are system integrators of Rockwell, Schneider and PLCnext systems and have extensive expertise in architecting installations of modern control systems in an operational environment. The process control engineers understand mechanical and process functionality and can concisely communicate this via updates or new functional descriptions. The FDs determine the required sensors, hardware and software to achieve the functional outcome for your operation, so that it can deliver your production goals reliably.

Our Control Systems Engineering team designs process control and operational technology networks that reliably connect the many protocols of your operation and integrate modern protocols into existing ageing infrastructure. This provides you with the control and data about your plant and equipment to help you make informed decisions that keep your operation running smoothly.

The pressures of getting a plant running at the end of a project are immense. The experience of Waterline’s team and the documented processes for systematically working through commissioning Control Systems, is one of the best ways to hit your production targets quickly and drive-up system reliability. That’s why clients trust Waterline to commission their plant, because they can rely on our team to ensure the safety of their team and reliability of their plant.

Many original equipment manufacturers (OEM) have developed excellent solutions to common operational problems with recent advancements in sensor technology.

Our operational engineers work with your team to leverage these OEM advancements by ensuring they are appropriate and integrate smoothly into existing assets to improve production and safety.

Our operational engineers know first-hand that keeping production running is critical to your business. That’s why Waterline offers 24/7 Control Systems support. So when things don’t go as planned, we’re there to support you when you need it the most. We jump in and get things back up and running, while undertaking root cause analysis to reduce the impact next time.

Waterline’s Control Systems Engineering team combines a range of experience from operational environments, construction and design. Because we understand the operational environment we can support technology projects with subject matter expertise. Our team helps clients from project inception by developing strong business cases, through to transition to operations to avoid productivity being lost for operational critical systems.

Waterline Services Icons Control Systems


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