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Design + Drafting Services

Start communicating engineering intent with clearer visions via Waterline’s Design + Drafting Services. Our Design + Drafting team brings your engineering visions to life through technical drawings, 3D-printed asset modelling and design.

Our Design + Drafting team provides 24-hour backdrafting, document management, 2D and 3D design as well as 3D-printed asset modelling services, ensuring the information you need is supplied when and how you need it. 

Our multi-discipline design engineering team knows what it takes to enhance your operation across its lifecycle.

Waterline's Design + Drafting services:

Gain absolute confidence with Waterline’s guaranteed 24-hour turnaround backdrafting service.

With our team’s extensive technical drafting experience, our 24-hour turnaround backdrafting service allows:

  • real time accurate drawings available to your team —on site or off site
  • accurate and up-to-date engineering information
  • you to ensure you are reducing risks to your operations and workforce
  • you to make reliable informed decisions from any location

We take ownership of your document management system to keep you compliant and your projects thriving.

Waterline’s drawing management service ensures you can:

  • easily and securely access accurate documentation, anywhere, anytime
  • get more time back in your day
  • free up your staff on site

2D CAD drawings are the framework of all site assets to define specifications and serve as a reference resource for future projects. This applies to new projects as well as As-Built information.

With our Design Engineering team’s accurate 2D drawings, you can be confident:

  • the drawings reflect your physical assets
  • your teams can operate and maintain equipment safely and efficiently

Our Design Engineering team provides 3D modelling services that:

  • visually communicate complex engineering designs
  • allow you to zoom in to ensure accuracy
  • enable inter-discipline coordination
  • assist with detecting clashes early in the design stage
  • help reduce risks and on site modifications to minimise costs

Get handy with our 3D-printed asset models! The tactile nature of 3D asset models makes them a valuable communication tool that helps with:

  • improving training outcomes
  • better assessing project safety
  • scoping proposed design modifications
  • justifying important business decisions

Our Drafting and Design team’s extensive knowledge of site equipment enables us to fine tune the interactivity and component functionality of every model we design, bringing it to life with realistic moving parts.

We’re experienced in developing functional industrial models, specifically for our mining industry clients across:

  • open-cut mines
  • underground mines
  • ports
  • mineral processing applications
Waterline Engineering Services Icon Design and Drafting


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