Reduced hazards, better-managed risks + improved training time: How waterline reduced BHP’s project familiarisation time from three weeks to three hours with 3d-printed scale models

BHP is the largest coal producer in Australia, responsible for the safe and efficient operation of seven mines across Central Queensland. With personnel safety as a top priority, familiarity with all site equipment is essential for BHP’s ongoing success.

An ongoing challenge for BHP was the unfamiliarity of personnel with dragline function, maintenance and upgrades. BHP partnered with Waterline to use our in-house 3D printing expertise to create fully-functional scale models of draglines that reduced the time taken to become aware of the environment around draglines from weeks to hours – and the increased understanding directly improved safety outcomes.

From 3D model to a 3D-printed tactile conversation piece, the revolving frame section of a dragline printed by Waterline

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“Providing this level of context for people that work on and operate draglines is one of the best safety shares that we can do…thanks Waterline!”

Johan Vilojen

Manager of Major Shutdowns from BHP

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