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Tim Strong

Tim Strong

Waterline | Chief Executive Officer

With our Queensland Mining Industry continuing to perform strongly, I am proud that our Waterline team continues to support our clients in this sector.

It’s that time of year for our leadership team to plan for the year ahead. While we have in place our five-year strategy, it’s important that as a team, we take a moment to reflect on our achievements and the challenges we’ve encountered in financial year (FY) 2024. We’ve paused, listened to our clients and our Waterliners and have taken these insights to finalise our FY25 strategy. 

Our team is proud of our achievements and the projects we’ve delivered for our clients in the Queensland Mining Sector this past year, and over the years. Reflecting on how much we’ve evolved since the earlier days where we supported our Queensland Ports such as Abbot Point with electrical engineering services.

Now we’re a team of more than 85 Waterliners who work with decision makers to engineer solutions for their complex advisory, capital and site engineering projects. 

What our clients find beneficial about working with us is that our experienced senior leaders and site engineers quickly grasp their daily challenges and requirements, while our owner’s mindset fosters enduring relationships committed to mutual success. Because if our clients our successful, our team is successful.


Our five-year strategy is geared on supporting our Queensland Mining Industry. I see continued growth in this sector, with coal mining still needed for the production of materials that are required across varying sectors, including building, infrastructure and energy transition. And while there are set targets to transition to achieve net zero, we will work with our clients in supporting them as they transition to achieve these targets. 

Because we started in operational engineering, our clients benefit from our site experience, as well as our proactive and transparent approach. This reduces their stress because we understand their challenges, enabling them to focus on other aspects of their business while we maintain a focus on delivering positive project outcomes.

Our team was also awarded Stanmore Resource’s South Walker Creek Mine Infrastructure upgrade. This is one of Waterline’s largest multi-discipline jobs. 

While we’ve achieved 60% of the project deliverables, our team is keen on finalising this fantastic project for our client Stanmore, which will enable them to increase production outputs. Stay tuned for an update on this project!


I’m excited for FY25 and the work my team will deliver to help our clients engineer solutions for their advisory, capital and site engineering projects. The team and I will be connecting with our clients throughout the year showcasing the great work our Waterliners are doing for our sector, while sharing how our team can support them for the year ahead. 

While this is just a small insight on what’s to come, it’s certainly an exciting time to be a part of Waterline. And to be leading a team that will continue to seek opportunities with our clients that deliver mutual success. 

If you have a project underway or need support to help you scope your next project or help you work through your pipeline of work, get in touch with me today. I’m just an email, phone call or text away.


Tim Strong
Waterline | Chief Executive Officer 

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