Welcome to Work with Waterline month!

Hi I’m Steve, Strategic Engagement Manager at Waterline

February is our Work with Waterline month.  I am hijacking our social media platforms to personally take you behind the scenes at Waterline and introduce you first-hand to our great workplace culture.  It’s something as a team that we feel incredibly proud of. It’s what makes Waterline one of the best places I’ve ever worked. 

My first encounter of the family-friendly vibe at Waterline was at my job interview.  Eight-days overdue with our son, my partner Amanda went into labour, right in the middle of my interview, my phone interrupting the process. I sprinted out of the office to cheers of support…that day I got a new son and to my surprise, a job! I knew then and there that this was the kind of supportive family environment that I wanted to work in.

This experience is consistent with the Waterline Way – a nurturing, fun and challenging environment, where everyone is encouraged to thrive as an individual and succeed as a team. Hard work is rewarded with flexibility. There’s our longest standing employee Gareth, working remotely from Northern Thailand, and Dad’s (like me) working from home on certain days of the week. For that reason, I really do love coming to work every day at Waterline.

Fast forward from that moment two-years ago when I joined a crew of six to the current day with our 30-strong team – and plans to double again within the next financial year.

Team Waterline
The ever-growing Waterline team in December 2018

Planning for our growth we have recently moved into an exquisite new home for Waterline – a large heritage building, once a wine factory, in Brisbane’s CBD.  With room to move, and 2018 our best year on record, it’s given our team a boost and a great way to start the new year in our new digs.

We have also undergone a face-lift. Our rebrand was rolled out over Christmas, and with our new Waterline look we aim to tell the story of ‘who we are’ and ‘what we do’ in bigger and better ways.

It's been a busy few months, relocating office, complete rebrand and preparing for 2019!

This all sets a great foundation for 2019, and with this in mind, we are looking to expand our team. We hope you will follow along our Work with Waterline month on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram to see if Waterline would be a good fit for you.

Here’s what’s on throughout February:


Each Friday we will publicise the current vacancies across our Facebook, Instagram and Linked In platforms. An interactive way for you to find out if this is the job for you and ask questions. You can also check out all our current job vacancies on our Work with Waterline page.

So get onboard and follow us to keep up-to-date with all our latest offerings!


Join us for lunch every second Tuesday LIVE on Facebook and hear from our guest speakers, facilitating interactive forums & sharing their insights with the Waterline team!

Tue 12 Feb Glen Murphy, QUT MBA Director

Tue 19 Feb Ben Southall, self-confessed Adventurepreneur from Best Life Adventures

So, if you’re an engineering or drafting type looking to work now, or in the future, for an Engineering and transformation company that thinks differently – we would love to hear from you! This month we are opening our inbox to grow our talent pipeline so if our advertised positions do not fit your profile but you think Waterline could be for you…send us your CV to jobs@waterlineprojects.com

Switch on in February to get to know Waterline!  I am looking forward to taking you behind the scenes, introduce you to some of the team, and show you why I think it’s such a cracking place to work…


All the best!
Steve – Big Grin – Cheyne