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Tom Barber

Waterline GM, Engineering

Hello, Tom Barber, General Manager of Engineering here. Since joining Waterline in 2021, it has been brilliant to witness and be part of the accelerated growth Waterline has since experienced.

Having worked with Waterline as a client, I had a good grasp of the team’s capabilities and their pragmatic approach to solving engineering challenges. It is an absolute pleasure to be witnessing and contributing to this rapid growth. I am excited to take on this new role of General Manager, Engineering and I am thankful to be aligned with a business that values strong leadership & genuine partnerships with clients.

My team’s ultimate goal is to help our clients’ operations succeed. So we are always keen to help our clients run a sustainable and efficient operation.


Our evolution has been constant and with the recent changes, Waterline is now in the capable hands our highly experienced executive Tim Strong who will set the long-term horizon for Waterline. Congratulations to Tim on this new and goal-driven undertaking. And a big congratulations also to my fellow colleagues Steve Cheyne and Evelyn Mejias, who together with me will ensure we deliver on our Waterline purpose of partnering with the Australian Industry to provide safe and sustainable resources to the world.

Speaking of the importance around these changes, until now my focus has been on technical troubleshooting, engineering design and ensuring operations are operating effectively. In comparison, I am now focusing on the people and processes involved in enabling these outcomes. Together as Waterline grows in its capacities and capabilities, we are coming on stronger, more defined and efficient to be able to sustainably deliver work for our clients aligned with our strategy and purpose at Waterline.

As GM of Engineering, I intend to ensure the sustainable delivery of work for our clients by building the technical capability and capacity of the team. Through efficient collaborations across all of Waterline’s disciplines, we will continue to deliver better outcomes for our clients. I am a strong believer in people as enablers, especially for a business and its clients. Through my time here I have seen a commendable people-driven culture. Waterliners in all stages enjoy their time at work and collaborate with each other and clients, driving trust and friendships across the board. In my new role, I aim to ensure we continue to provide our clients with site-experienced engineers, site compliance services, and overall, deliver high-quality deliverables while keeping Waterliners, and their professional development, a priority.

With a focus around people of the resources industry I would like to create and enhance our engineers’ experiences here by making sure they feel valued, driven and are given the opportunity to tackle issues our clients raise. Waterline is set apart from others in the industry by a site-experienced team from varying backgrounds who understand the realities in the resources industry. I have a Mechanical Engineering background and some of my most important post-graduate lessons have been from Boilermakers, Operators and Technicians. Through this varying range of experience, we understand better the problems our clients face and the context of the environment they are working in, without being on site. Our multi-discipline team allows us to work across all aspects of a problem and deliver a holistic solution.

Simon Barber viewing an FEA model


This year holds more than just organisational growth for us. We have plans to extend our services beyond Brisbane and further into the East Coast, particularly Mackay. This is a big feat for us, and we’re excited to be on the ground, providing local engineering support for our clients in Mackay.

Join us in our journey and let us help you keep your cogs turning. If you have queries about your site’s needs our multi-discipline team are here to work across all the facets of the issues and beyond, to ensure we deliver a holistic approach. Our Engineering teams’ success is linked to the success of your operations, so we are driven to help you run a sustainable and efficient operation. Did you want to have a look at our proud projects to see how we might be able to assist you?


Let’s chat more over a call, via email or in-person. Our office is located conveniently right in the heart of the city, so drop by for a chat. 


Tom Barber
Waterline | General Manager, Engineering

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