Everyone Belongs at Waterline

Celebrating #HarmonyWeek

Ciao! Justin Hamilton here, Operational Technology Team Lead at Waterline.

It’s Harmony Week, a time for us to ruffle through our clothing and wear something orange to show our support for cultural diversity and inclusion….I think our high-vis shirts count, they’re orange after allright? 

I’ve been with Waterline for six years now and over this time, I’ve seen how our business is enriched by creating an inclusive multicultural environment that supports meaningful conversations. In fact, did you know that around 49% of Australians were born overseas or have at least one parent who has?* 

My grandparents emigrated to Australia from Italy. I remember growing up eating nonna’s flavoursome dishes (nothing compares to nonna’s cooking—sorry mum!) and hearing their fascinating stories from the early days of settling in Australia. Listening to their experiences has given me a greater appreciation for what it’s like to build a new life in a different part of the world—it’s no easy feat.  

Justin's Grandparents arrived in Australia from Italy
Justin's grandparents

Diversity delivers better outcomes

As engineers, we explore different alternatives to solve our clients’ problems. What cultural diversity has done at Waterline is it has brought a different perspective to the table from our site-experienced engineers. Ensuring we consider all aspects of the equation and we stress test the solutions to deliver the right outcomes for our clients, just like these proud projects we’ve completed for our clients. 

The Waterline team celebrates our diversity

With the underlining message of Harmony Week being, everybody belongs, some of our team share their culture with us by saying ‘hello’ 

For more information about Harmony Day, and for ways you and your business can celebrate diversity, visit the Harmony Day website

We’re an extension to your team

My Operational Technology team collaborates across disciplines to streamline and optimise clients’ asset performance. And because we’re site experienced, we understand the operational environment, so we know how to keep your assets running and your people supported and safe, on or off site.

I’m driven by the philosophy that better engineering will leave the world a better place. And with this in mind, I ensure my team adopts this approach to help you define, design, implement and commission control system solutions to support your operation, now and into the future.   

We deliver efficiencies

Our multi-dicipline team works hard for out clients to deliver efficiencies, savings and safety improvements. Read some of the great work our team has delivered

We keep your projects moving

My team and I are here to provide you with the support you need 24/7, to keep your operation compliant, running safely, efficiently and effectively.   

We’re just an email, phone call or text away. Connect with me today and see how we can help.   

Happy #HarmonyWeek from me and the Waterline Team.


Justin Hamilton
Operational Technology Team Lead | WATERLINE

*Source: Harmony week – Everyone belongs, Australian Government Department of Home Affairs 

Justin Hamilton | Operational Technology Team Lead

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