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Anglo American’s Moranbah North Mine

All Critical Drawings Updated + Returned Within 24-hours, Guaranteed

Anglo American’s Moranbah North Mine (MNM) is home to one of the largest coal reserves in the world. Successfully operating for more than 20 years as an underground mine in Central Queensland, the site must maintain the accuracy of their engineering drawings at all times to ensure the continued safety of their personnel. 

Waterline provides full remote support to MNM with a 24-hour turnaround drafting package, ensuring compliance with Queensland’s mining regulations and providing confidence that accurate drawings are available to their team in real-time, whether onsite or remote.

100% compliance

24-hour turnaround drawing updates

50 Drawings

updates completed by Waterline per month

A view of Anglo American’s Moranbah North Mine Admin at night. Image courtsey of Anglo American

The mining environment is dynamic. Infrastructure and equipment changes are happening constantly onsite, and these changes must be reflected in the site’s Engineering Drawings ASAP.

Maintaining compliance with Queensland’s mining regulations relating to drawings of electrical installations can be stressful - especially if you’re the electrical engineering manager. You’re under cost pressure, which means having an onsite drafter dedicated to updating engineering drawings is simply not an option. If you task internal personnel based on their availability, you put your critical drawings at risk of issues with quality assurance, efficiency, auditability and inaccurate engineering information. If you task an external drafter, you are subject to their existing workload, which may see you fall outside of the legislative 8-day requirement for drawings to be updated and accessible to the team who rely on them for their operational and maintenance activities.

Experienced drafters that prioritise your work and guarantee a 24-hour turnaround on your drawing updates.

Having supported Queensland’s mining sector for more than a decade, we know what you need when it comes to drafting services: speed, accuracy, reliability, auditability, compliance and strong experience with mining operations. You need to be confident that your work will be delivered when promised, without exception. You also want the latest version of the drawing in the right place, available for access by any team member that needs it – whether onsite or remote. This is exactly what Waterline provides to MNM, in the form of our Premium 24-Hour Turnaround Drafting Package.

Package benefits include:

    • Compliance confidence: 24-hour turnaround of drawings means that your site is guaranteed to comply with Queensland's mining regulations (CMSHR 2017 Section 32 Drawings of electrical installations)
    • Multidisciplinary: Waterline’s design team consists of electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, piping and structural drafters
    • Site-experienced: Waterline’s drafting team has many years of experience designing and drafting for the Australian mining industry. We are site experienced, meaning you are sending your drawings to a team who understand the operational environment, the equipment and the challenges involved.
    • Accuracy and reliability: Ensure that your team has access to the most accurate and up-to-date drawings to safely perform their maintenance and operational tasks
    • Remote solutions: No personnel required onsite to minimise your risk and limit costs

Compliance, reliability and confidence

Since partnering with Waterline, every critical electrical drawing MNM has sent us for updating has been completed within 24-hours of being received. The electrical engineering manager doesn’t have to worry about legislative drawing compliance, chasing up outstanding drawing updates, or spend time searching for the latest drawing files for site - as all drawings are uploaded by our team into the Anglo American drawing management system (DMS), ready to be accessed by all. The Waterline team is available remotely around the clock to support MNM with anything drawing or DMS-related - and we’ve also been providing site visits every two months to help with any larger drafting projects, engaging with key site stakeholders, and optimising the DMS’s use to increase operational efficiency across the MNM team.

Project Testimonial

“Since engaging Waterline’s 24-hour turnaround drafting services, we’ve seen significant benefits across both our engineering department and our trades in the field. We are now confident that we have reliable updates of our critical drawings, easily accessible by all our teams. This means that the safety and efficiency of our tradespeople and engineers is improved. If we’re audited, we have a reliable and easy system to present. Our dedicated DMS specialist, Bronwen, feels like part of our team – she is super helpful and available to us 24/7. We also appreciate that the drafters understand mining operations and we don’t have to spend time giving them detailed instructions. Overall, this service is now essential to our operation.”
Brendan Kelly
Engineering Manager, Moranbah North Mine, Anglo American

Want your operations supported around the clock and prioritised by our site experienced multi-disciplinary drafting team?

Until October 31st 2020, Waterline is offering reduced support rates on some of our niche remote engineering services. For more information about our 24-Hour Turnaround Drafting Packages click the button below.

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