Meet Tim!

Joining Waterline in 2018, Tim has fast become the go-to operations man around the office and on-site. He shares the operations role with Steve and together they keep everything running smoothly and try to rein-in Randall from having too many crazy ideas!

Tim also leads the Mechanical Business Unit, Waterline’s team servicing all types of mechanical and structural engineering needs, including life of asset modelling, material handling and various improvement projects.

The majority of Tim’s career has been in senior operational roles within the resources industry. This has provided him with a thorough understanding of operational, risk management and regulatory requirements. Tim is Waterline’s number one problem solver, who loves nothing more than providing clients with solutions to make their lives safer, more efficient and productive.

With a motto of being aggressively transparent, Tim is focused on building an engineering company that is trusted and admired by clients, staff and communities alike.

When he isn’t working Tim can be found slogging it out up a hill on his two-wheel steed, lamenting his lack of match fitness.

Tim Strong


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