Meet Steve!

Steve is our Co-Operations Manager, with Tim, and together they run a pretty tight ship! Steve is always zipping around from meeting to meeting, wearing his name-sake ‘Big Grin’.  Additionally, he leads Waterline’s Sales and Marketing Team.

Having spent most of his career as an onsite engineer and manager in the resources industry, Steve has a solid grasp of the operational environment, statutory compliance and risk management.

Never far from the action (or a laugh), Steve is fervent about building an enduring engineering company. Part of creating this is through a nurturing work culture, which genuinely cares about staff, clients, and the communities we work and live in.

When Steve isn’t at Waterline HQ or out onsite, he’s heading out bush, to the latest isolated camping spots with his young and (sometimes very noisy) family. Ahh, the serenity.



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