CreatEnergy’s Mobile Plant Approvals

Streamlining CreatEnergy’s mobile plant approval for safe and easy acceptance to site

CreatEnergy are dedicated to identifying, validating, and implementing innovative waste and energy solutions for large mining sites. Since establishing a safe, compliant, and environmentally friendly containerised waste oil solution in multiple mining sites across Australia and PNG, their clients have seen impressive benefits, including the need to remove waste oil from site, transforming the waste into a valuable fuel alternative for use onsite, instead of imported diesel.

With the major obstacle to their product’s optimum efficiency being the accompanying region-specific statutory documentation for rapid acceptance and streamlined implementation to site, CreatEnergy partnered with Waterline to create a comprehensive compliance and certifications dossier that has now been accepted by clients including BHP, Anglo American and Rio Tinto.

CreatEnergy environmentally friendly containerised waste oil solution


and counting...using the single templated dossier

"... the process and discipline demonstrated by the Waterline team provided a depth of understanding and outcomes that satisfied both CreatEnergy, and most importantly, was recognised by our clients.”


Chief Operating Officer at CreatEnergy

Want to streamline your site introduction process or attain the right certifications to get your equipment to site with minimal disruption and reduced cost?

Waterline is offering reduced support rates on some of our niche remote engineering services. For more information about our External Auditing + Certification Packages visit our Remote Engineering Packages.

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