Meet Randall!

Randall, Waterline’s CEO, founded the company back in 2011, with Wayne Gerard (CEO of RedEye, which Randall and Wayne also co-founded together) and leads the business from his background in electrical engineering and strong multi-disciplined approach to solve complex problems.

With his experience working in heavy industrial environments, Randall believes engineering has a responsibility to shape our communities and industries. This capacity invests heavily in developing better ways of doing engineering for our people, our clients and the communities we service, plus the duty we have to do things safely.

Advocating the value of engineering to the community is something Randall truly believes in. This philosophy is underpinned by the concept repairing, maintaining and optimising assets will have a smaller environmental impact in the long-term and make clients get the most from their assets. This is one of the ways Waterline works to their ethos: engineering with a conscience.

Randall is on the board of RedEye and enjoys seeing the growth of the now-global engineering data platform, which is also one of Queensland’s most successful start-ups.

Developing a humane, high-performing team is something Randall is focused on. He believes in giving people time and space to have a family, to be an engineer and keep fit in body and mind, is all part of a balanced life.

Most mornings at 530am he is at the box, leading his CrossFit Cult crusade!


Waterline are looking to expand our team and we are seeking expressions of interest for our talent pipeline, to grow our business. Get in contact with us today, we’d love to meet you!

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