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CreatEnergy’s Mobile Plant Approvals

Streamlining CreatEnergy’s Mobile Plant Approval For Safe and Easy Acceptance To Site

CreatEnergy are dedicated to identifying, validating, and implementing innovative waste and energy solutions for large mining sites. Since establishing a safe, compliant, and environmentally friendly containerised waste oil solution in multiple mining sites across Australia and PNG, their clients have seen impressive benefits, including the need to remove waste oil from site, transforming the waste into a valuable fuel alternative for use onsite, instead of imported diesel.

With the major obstacle to their product’s optimum efficiency being the accompanying region-specific statutory documentation for rapid acceptance and streamlined implementation to site, CreatEnergy partnered with Waterline to create a comprehensive compliance and certifications dossier that has now been accepted by clients including BHP, Anglo American and Rio Tinto.

15+ units accepted

using the single templated dossier and counting!


Sites have strict and unique documentation requirements for all new equipment, and it was creating delays to CreatEnergy’s product being accepted onsite and put into operation.

No matter how beneficial and much-needed equipment is on a mining site, the accompanying documentation must meet specific statutory and site-specific requirements. This documentation must be approved by the site statutory roles such as the MEM and EEM before any new equipment is energised and put into operation. For CreatEnergy, this meant that a range of certified information on their product’s operation, compliance, hazard and risk management must be easily accessible at all times. Without it, a site cannot easily assess the hazards and risks relating to the new plant, in order to complete the Introduction to Site process and start reaping its environmental and financial benefits. For CreatEnergy, this also means they are delayed from being able to invoice for their delivered product.

All the information in one place, for easy and simple approval, thoroughly reviewed and certified by our chartered (RPEQ) engineers.

Efficiency, simplicity and having the right documented information are fundamental to any mine site’s approval process. By focusing on the mine site’s requirements and using the knowledge of our site-experienced engineers to identify any potential obstacles to acceptance, we engineered an all-inclusive dossier that streamlines the site’s equipment approval. Our chartered electrical and mechanical engineers conducted comprehensive reviews of the functional safety of the product, including its regulatory compliance and all safety calculations. We ensured the right standards were used to match both New South Wales and Queensland site requirements.

Standards + sub-standards assessed for compliance:

✓ MDG15 NSW Mining Design Guideline for Mobile and Transportable Plant

✓ AS/NZS 4871.1:2020 Electrical Equipment for Mines and Quarries

✓ AS4343 – 2014 Pressure Equipment – Hazard Levels

✓ AS4041 – 2006 Pressure Piping

✓ AS1210 – 2010 Pressure Vessels

✓ AS4458 – 1997 Pressure Equipment - Manufacture

✓ AS3788 – 2006 Pressure Equipment In-Service Inspection

✓ AS1692 – 2006 Steel Tanks for Flammable & Combustible Liquids

✓ AS4100 – 1998 Steel Structures

✓ AS1554 – 2014 Structural Steel Welding

✓ 1601 – 2006 Machine Guarding

The services Waterline provided to CreatEnergy are included in our External Auditing + Certification Package. This remote engineering package utilises our chartered site-experienced engineers and technical experts to assess compliance against relevant legislation and your company’s policies.

package benefits

  • The right experience

    Our site-experienced engineers have a comprehensive understanding of site operations, meaning that we have detailed knowledge of what is required for plant to meet site and statutory requirements

  • Secure support

    No specialist personnel required onsite, minimising your risk and limiting costs

  • One-stop-shop

    Gain access to our registered engineers across many disciplines (electrical, mechanical, structural, process controls, hazardous areas, and functional and machine safety)

  • Remote technology

    Waterline has been utilising technology to perform remote site inspections for almost a decade

Streamlined onsite approval, every time.

Since adding their new dossier to every product shipment, CreatEnergy has had no additional delays in the site approval process. This has meant greater cashflow reliability for their business, greater end-client satisfaction from managers that don’t have to search hard for the information they need, and faster implementation of their waste oil reducing product for maximum environmental benefit for the client. With safety as a top priority, the dossier has also helped CreatEnergy improve their safety standards - with easier familiarisation with the product meaning reduced hazards and better-managed risks.

Waterline completed this work almost entirely remotely, with one inspection to CreatEnergy’s manufacturing facility, ensuring the project was cost-efficient and well-planned. Always looking to go above and beyond for our clients, we also created an option for the dossier to be stored online and accessed via a QR code that is permanently attached to the equipment.

Project Testimonial

"... the process and discipline demonstrated by the Waterline team provided a depth of understanding and outcomes that satisfied both CreatEnergy, and most importantly, was recognised by our clients.”
Adrian Abbott
Chief Operating Officer at CreatEnergy

Want to streamline your site introduction process or attain the right certifications to get your equipment to site with minimal disruption and reduced cost?

Until October 31st 2020, Waterline is offering reduced support rates on some of our niche remote engineering services.

For more information about our External Auditing + Certification Packages visit our Remote Engineering Packages.

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