About Waterline

Waterline is a Tier 3 engineering company that promotes the capabilities of our experienced team. Collectively, we have several decades of experience in the engineering field and have proven our passion and drive to our range of clients. We’re thorough in our process and we present a concise end result. Our directing managers are always in direct contact with our clients, giving them the confidence that their project is on time, on budget, and heading toward their visions. We’re not afraid to admit that we are a smaller company, because we are proud of the capabilities of our team and work ethics. Our customers consistently say that we deliver our projects on time and if any problems arise, we are known for dealing with them quickly and seemingly effortlessly. We’re continuing to grow, but we never forget our drive for engineering and our interpersonal skills. Whether you are a corporate operation, or a day-to-day operation, we align our KPIs with your outcomes and focus on achieving the best results for your company.


Services We Offer

Our Project Management team can help with Scope development, project management planning, project control, client representation, and independent reviews.
Our Auditing team can help with hazardous areas (explosive), high voltage areas, Mine Site Acts and Regulations, electrical safety, Factory Acceptance Testing, and dossier building.
Our Drawing Management team can assist in the setup and organisation of an efficient drawing system management, we can help control the as-build environment (redline), answer any questions, back draft, and complete site verifications.
Our Design team can help with mechanical and electrical (RPEQ), hazardous area, high voltage protection systems, civil/earthing for electrical systems, and substation design.

Our Team

Our Vision at Waterline is to be recognised by our clients as the most effective provider of solutions engineering.

We pride ourselves on the experience of our team that we've put together at Waterline. Some of the notable previous projects our team has been a part of:

- A $25M electrical upgrade for a new sporting stadium
- An 8-day continuous concrete pour to line a mine drift
- We’ve shoe horned a 3000A switchboard into an existing substation and changed it out without interruption to operations
- The full electrical design (2.2MW conveyors) of an Automated 25MTPA Port
- We’ve taken 30 years of uncontrolled drawings and had them sorted out and usable by the site team in 12 weeks, and the fire system needed to be ready at week 3 of the project
- We took 1.5GB of drawings had them cleaned up, drafted onto our clients title block, and set up the metadata for import into their document control system
- We set up a clients drawing templates and managed their site drawings so they could get the marked up drawings back to their team to meet their requirements. In less than 8 days we accomplished this task.
- Built the dossiers for a large petrochem, hazardous area audited and delivered a compliant result for the start of commissioning
- Hazardous area audit for a 900 tag site, we took 4 weeks to prepare and only spent 8 days on site

Distinguishing our key characteristics as a team helps us deliver efficient work to our clients. We have proven in the past to our clients that our team is collaborative, process driven, lean, integrated, scalable, and disciplined.

our team

our team