Feasibility Studies & Conceptual Designs

Waterline Projects helps transform your business development ideas into pragmatic, market-responsive conceptual designs that are in step with your company’s needs. We support your decision-making with thorough, experience-based feasibility studies including: ROI requirements, commitment to innovation, process optimisation, productivity and efficiency goals, site, connectivity and support conditions etc.


Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management (EPCM)

Our EPCM multi-disciplinary offering includes engineering, design and delivery services for critical port infrastructure. Project delivery management, monitoring of operating asset performance and operational support are core elements of our skill set. Strong local experience, construction know-how and front-end engineering capability underwrite the comprehensive set of services we offer our customers.

project management

Project Management

Waterline understands the skills required to effectively manage and delivery a project in the resources and infrastructure sector. Our project managers (PM) possess years of industry experience and a firm understanding of project management frameworks. They are aware of new tools and techniques that will help deliver successful projects of varying sizes and complexity.


Onsite Engineering Resources

Waterline has been successful in attracting and retaining some exceptionally talented engineers. Our growing team of engineers are proficient with all the latest tools and equipment currently available. Innovators at heard, our team is always looking for solutions that offer the best result in time, cost and quality.


Hazardous Area Auditing

Waterline Projects ensures that all hazardous area installations are performed to the criteria of the state’s electrical safety legislation and the appropriate Australia and site installation standards. Our tools and templates boosts our team’s experience and capabilities, increasing the accuracy of our site audits and assisting with meeting our customers’ maintenance obligations.


Mechanical Systems

We service and support a wide range of mechanical support systems such as conveyor Drive train components, couplings, gearboxes and soft starting systems. We are conversant with equipment from a number of vendors and use this experience to provide you with the best result.


RedEye Drawing Management Solution

RedEye is an Engineering Drawing Collaboration and Management Solution (EDCMS) helping clients improve the way they upload, work with, share, find, mark-up, approve and manage their engineering drawings across the entire lifecycle of each drawing and its associated asset.

RedEye has increased our engineering efficiency, reduced re-work, and made it really easy to capture changes to drawings. We are passionate about sharing the benefits with our clients. We would like everyone benefit from “Better Drawing Management” like we have. For local support, establishing your drawings in RedEye, and supporting your future projects, contact Waterline!

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Siemens Siprotec Protection Range

Capitalising on the latest standards in the industry, and choosing to use products like the SIPROTEC protection range, allows huge flexibility and provides confidence. Confidence that the equipment works, backed by the innovation of SIEMENS. Pairing up the hardware with the DIGSI programming suite, and taking control of your substation with SICAM PAS provides a robust end to end solution.

Rugged protocols, such as IEC61850 providing and configuring interface across DNP 3.0 the ability to manage and control your electrical infrastructure and share the data across you business or Wide Area Network.

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SIMEAS Q80 Power Quality Recorder

Solving and identifying power quality issues takes process and discipline. We have found and resolved many power quality issues in remote mining operations and mineral processing facilities. Selecting the correct power quality analyser, like the SIMEAS Q80, with the correct instrumentation allows collection of the right data. Observing and logging the power quality problem, TRANSIENTS, HARMONIC, POWER FACTOR, Dips and Sags, can all be resolved with products in our range.

CLEAN POWER provides the backbone for a reliable power supply, this leads to less HEAT in the system MORE REAL POWER available, more output from your existing infrastructure.

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Project: Abbot Water and Power Study

Description: One of the key advantages in utilizing the services of a local knowledge throughout the execution of a project is the relationships and understanding of specific environmental considerations that are on hand. Feasibility studies are no different in being able to benefit from utilizing a local company. Being a local company, Waterline Projects has been able to add real value to the understanding of the water and power needs for the future expansions planned for Abbott Point and the multi cargo facility.

Outcome: Our understanding and easy to work approach with client focus has seen the engagement by companies such as Adani, BHBP and Hancock Coal. It is our desire to be continuously recognized by the leaders of industry for the company we are “Ports infrastructure specialists”


Project: X50 Expansion Abbot Point

Description: Actively involved in the recent completion of the X50 expansion project for the Abbot Point coal terminal, Waterline Projects delivered a world-class product without incident while remaining on time and on budget.

Outcome: Recognition for the great results delivered during the project saw the award of the Hazardous Area Audit for the completed expansion. Our friendly and professional staff ensured that all work performed was in line with the company safety ethos of “consistently safe” with an end outcome of no injuries or incidents throughout the entire project.

Sub-contracting to TEAM engineering our client first focus not only delivered great results but also ensured a great working relationship during and after the completion of the X50 expansion works.


Project: Dalrymple Bay Terminal Alarms Project

Description: One of the exciting projects that we are currently working on is the Alarms System upgrade currently underway at Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal. Driven by the need to create alarm notifications for the equipment operators when a fault is identified in particular machinery, our people are working side by side with employees of DBCT’s engineering department to deliver great results.

Outcome: Utilising the latest in controls system programming, our people are delivering tomorrows solution today. We are proud of the relationship developed during the execution of this project as well as the high quality product that we are establishing.

With the continued development of our employees in the area of Controls System Engineering coupled with the ability to attract some of the world’s great talent, we look forward to a long and beneficial partnership with DBCT.


Project: Hazardous Areas Audits

Description: Ensuring compliance to Government regulations can sometimes be confusing and Hazardous Area Auditing is no different. Our Team of Qualified Hazardous Area Auditors have been responsible for assisting many of our clients in attaining compliance as well as the understanding of site specific requirement for retaining compliance to the Government Regulations.

Our highly professional service and certified auditors have been recognized around the world for delivering great results, this has been made evident by the award of the Hazardous Area Audit of the APLNG facility currently under construction by Bechtel at Curtis Island Gladstone.

We have always received excellent service from Waterline Projects. Expertise and quality have met our expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner. We consider the Waterline Projects team to be more than service providers; they are in fact a development partner and the team has proven to be creative in problem resolution, reliable in time commitments, and overall consistent in meeting our expectations.

- Graham Moody, Director Ports – Adani Mining Pty Ltd

Waterline Projects has demonstrated a complete and thorough understanding of Hazardous Area (HA) principles and has assisted us across a large variety of Hazardous Area installations; both fuel and gas based, for large multinational clients, and various smaller operations.

- Graham Palmer – Dave Griffith Electrical Mackay

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